Fire-fighting azimuth stern drive tug

Fire-fighting azimuth stern drive tug

baltija 20 svitzer mars 2004 d
“Svitzer Mars” (2004)
svitzer mjolner 2004 n
“Svitzer Mjølner” (2004)
svitzer milford 2004
“Svitzer Milford” (2004)
svitzer muiden 2004
“Svitzer Muiden” (2004)
svitzer marken 2005
“Svitzer Marken” (2005)
svitzer mull 2005
“Svitzer Mull” (2005)
svitzer menja 2005
“Svitzer Menja” (2005)
svitzer mallaig 2005
“Svitzer Mallaig” (2005)
svitzer maltby 2005
“Svitzer Maltby” (2005)
svitzer mercur 2006
“Svitzer Mercur” (2006)

Years of construction    2004 - 2006
Number built    10
Main particulars
Length overall, exclusive fenders    30.3 m
Breadth moulded    11.5 m
Depth midship moulded    5.7 m
Scantling draft moulded    4.8 m
Deadweight at scantling draft    228 t
Propulsion machinery (MCR)    2 x 2,170 kW
Two azimuth thrusters each with a controllable pitch propeller with a diameter of    2,400 mm
Trial speed at MCR and design draft    13.6 knots
One bow thruster     200 kW
Diesel generators    2 x 200 kW
One shaft generator    1*60 kW
Cargo deck reinforced for    5 t/m²
Bollard pull at MCR    70 t
Tank Capacities   
Diesel oil (100%)    185 m3
Fresh water (100%)    20 m3
Maximum number of crew 6 in two single cabins and in two double cabins. 
Common mess-room, galley, laundry and change room.
Wheelhouse arranged for one-man operator.
The vessel is built with the requirements of Lloyd's Register as a fire-fighting tug of the ASD type (Azimuth Stern Drive) for worldwide service and for Danish flag regulations.

Forward: One anchor windlass/towing winch. 
Line pull 30 tonnes and brake holding load 160 tonnes.

Amidships: One towing hook, SWL 65 tonnes.
One capstan line pull 5 tonnes.

All winches are of electric hydraulic type with local and remote control.

External fire-fighting system: 2 pumps. Total capacity 2400 mі/h of water or foam self protection water spray.