Harbour fire-fighting (Fi-Fi) tugs

Harbour fire-fighting (Fi-Fi) tugs


SVITZER A/S, has recognized Western Baltija Shipbuilding as reliable shipyard after series of 10 Fi-Fi tugs. The tugs were built as harbour ASDT type icebreaker / convoy for operation world-wide (ASDT – a tug with azimuth rotated aft propeller guide tips).

Main tug particulars: depth (amidships) 5.7 m, an acceptable draft of 4.8 m, 228t deadweight, the main power plant (maximum long-term capacity - MIG) 2 x 2.170 kW. Speed - 13.6 knots, one thruster unit - 200 kW; diesel generators - 2 x 200 kW, one shaft generator – 1 x 60 kW, safe maximum cargo deck load 5 t/ m2; bollard pull under MIG of 70 tons.

More details

Customer:  SVITZER A/S 
Length (m):  30.30 
Width (m):  11.50
Q-ty:  10
Ship name: “Svitzer Mars”, “Svitzer Mjølner”, “Svitzer Milford”, “Svitzer Muiden”, “Svitzer Marken”, “Svitzer Mull”, “Svitzer Menja”, “Svitzer Mallaig”, “Svitzer Maltby”, “Svitzer Mercur”
Start of the production:  03 2003 (1st tug L704)
Delivery:  02 2006 (10th tug L713)