Offshore projects

Offshore projects

One of the strategic Western Baltija Shipbuilding activities is construction of vessels for offshore and special-purpose ships market. Company’s run in work and strong positions in this segment, demanding the outstanding professionalism, are based on the implementation of complex and major projects in the Baltic region. Western Baltija Shipbuilding is also the first ship industrial company in the Baltic countries, engaged in the construction of the necessary facilities of the renewable energy sources for the offshore wind parks.



ship-qwindlift1q-This was the biggest project over the lifetime of the company. The project was unique in all proportions, technical and technological parameters. For the offshore wind farm construction and maintenance vessel, the first time in Lithuania and among the first in Europe, more than 7,000 tons of steel were used. Ship “WINDLIFT1” is driven by four rudder-propeller mechanisms, each with the capacity of 1,100 kW. In addition to the main 500...

Transformer platform

transformer-platformForty tons of paint was used for painting 45,000 m2 of the transformer platform, built for the first time in Lithuania. More than eight kilometers of pipeline systems were laid all over the platform. The specific platform is equipped with two “Siemens” transformers with a capacity of 200 MW and a weight of 160 tonnes each, as well as a helicopter landing site, two 20 tons capacity cranes. The superstructure...

Jack up “ODIN”