The History

The History

Western Baltija Shipbuilding, established in August 2010, is the leading shipbuilding company in the Baltic region. Western Baltija Shipbuilding was founded when two largest Lithuanian ship building companies “Western Shipbuilding Yard" and “Baltija” Shipbuilding Yard have merged. United experience and realized projects strengthens the competitiveness of Western Baltija Shipbuilding in shipbuilding business, which is focussed on “turn-key” projects.

“Western Shipyard”, widely known to the public as “Western Shiprepair Yard”, began its core business as a floating ship repair workshop, which later become a part of the constructed Western Shiprepair company. The 1st of March, 1969 is the birth date of the Company.
On 18 July 1969 the dock floated up for repairs the first vessel “Sovetskaja Arctic”. In 1975 the company already employed 2,600 people, the second phase in the construction of the company workshops began. Western Shiprepair Yard repaired freezer-trawlers, refrigerators, fishing depot ships and other fishing vessels.

In 1998 the Norwegian company group “Western Invest AS” privatized the company. In the same year, the company started shipbuilding business. However, the Norwegians failed to meet their financial obligations, and in 2001, the Estonian concern “BLRT Group” purchased the controlling stake of the company, which at the time was named JSC “Western Shipyard.
“Western Shipyard” is a subsidiary of Western Shipbuilding Yard was established 13 October in 2003 from the outset, successfully established a ferry, bulk carriers and offshore shipbuilding. Western Shipyard was the first industrial company in the Baltic States, engaged in construction needed for renewable energy sources, production. The company has implemented a unique project such as WINDLIFT1, the first 'green' ferry Aland Islands, Estonia, Saaremaa island ferries.

“Baltija” Shipbuilding Yard over its business years has built more than 400 fully equipped ships and 65 floating docks. 

“Baltija” Shipbuilding Yard was established by the former USSR Ship Construction Ministry in 1952. The Yard was originally established for the building of medium size trawlers fishing vessels for the Soviet fleets in the Baltic and Arctic seas.
Since its foundation until the 90's the following were delivered: 69 river / sea going barges; 122 trawlers for fishing fleets; 57 large size freezing stern trawlers; 66 medium size stern trawlers of the “Barencevo More”; 55 fish-processing/freezing vessels of the “Moriana” type; 4 river-going ferries for local river fleet. Since 1958 the “Baltija” Shipbuilding Yard has also built 65 steel floating docks which were the main export products of the Yard.

floating dock 1961 d1  mikalojus chiurlionis 1966d1  muziejaus tentas

In early 1990, Lithuania regained its independence “Baltija” Shipbuilding Yard had to find their own place opened up in the global shipbuilding market. During 1990-1997 “Baltija” has delivered: 11 different modifications of fishing refrigerator, two multi-purpose dry cargo vessels. During this period, as well as the construction of six similar type of ship hulls Lithuanian Shipbuilding Company and two floating docks, Singapore and Iceland.
A “new era” for “Baltija” began in April 1997, when the majority of the yard's shares was taken over by Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd, a member of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. Danish partner has invested heavily in the modernization of equipment, the building of new blasting/ painting halls and the establishment of a design engineering centre. This gave “Baltija” the opportunity to increase its steel construction output, and also improved its competitiveness in building the modern turn-key vessels.

From 1997 “Baltija” has built and delivered three Escort Azimuth Stern-Drive Tugs, four Stand-by Supply Vessels (two AHT and two OFT) and series of 10 fire-fighting harbour tugs.

In August 2010 the majority of the yard's shares was taken over by “Western Shipyard”, a member of the biggest Estonian concern BLRT Group.

After foundation Western Baltija Shipbuilding is continuing the shipbuilding activity. Company has successfully established itself in building “turn-key” vessels and outfitted hulls for various types of vessels. Western Baltija Shipbuilding main activity includes ferries, fishing vessels, tugs, multipurpose vessels, special-purpose and supply vessels, jack-up and transformer platforms for renewable energy and other special purpose.