Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Western Baltija Shipbuilding (WBS), having implemented a huge number of different projects, is one of the most experienced shipyard in the Baltic region. Western Baltija Shipbuilding is a modern shipyard, with modern shipbuilding equipment and technologies. Ice-free Klaipeda harbor allows uninterrupted business operations all over the year.

High quality and on-time deliveries are secured by more than 450 highly skilled employees whose training and professional development is constantly being improved.

The company successfully recommended itself in ferries, tugs, offshore, multi-purpose, fishing trawlers sectors, what was recognized by our partners and customers.

Western Baltija Shipbuilding has close cooperation with ship design companies - Western Baltic Engineering (100 per cent of shares owns “Western Shipyard”) and “Multi Maritime AS” (50 per cent of shares owns “Western Shipyard”).

Key Data:
- Ships and hulls under construction maximum dimensions – 130 x 20 m
- For larger ships or hulls can be used “Western Shipyard” docks. In that case ships can be built up to 200 x 28 m
- Measurements of vessel assembling workshop inside - 120 x 20 x 24 m, together with the outside slipway - 200 x 20 m
- Blasting and painting chambers guarantee the highest quality surface treatment all the year round and in any weather conditions outside - 2 x (35x35x18m)

- Average company employee number 450 + 150 subcontractors (steelwork only)

- Quay length – 600m
- Depth at quays – 6-8m
- Quay area for ship outfitting – 15 780m2

Crane capacity:
- Cranes inside workshops – lifting capacity up to 100 t
- Outside cranes – lifting capacity up to 20 t

- 1 x 160 t and1 x 550 t lifting capacity hydraulic platforms (KAMAG)
- 800 t lifting capacity railway platform (transborder)

Floating dock:
- Floating dock for launching ships 2800 t and for ship docking 3500 t